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Introduction Letter
02.10.2009 09:14

Hanoi Zoological Gardens is a state owned institution which is part of the Transportation and Urban Public Works Service of Hanoi and takes care of several city gardens and Thu Le park which indicates the zoo. Hanoi Zoo was founded on 6th August 1976 according to decision number 905QD/TC of the Hanoi People's Committee.

Over the past 29 years, Hanoi Zoo has worked together with the Hanoi City Government to gradually build and develop Hanoi. Step by step, Hanoi Zoo is working towards achieving the level of expertise of the best of other zoos throughout the world.

The main activities are:

1. The conservation and breeding of rare animals, both those native to Vietnam and elsewhere in the world.

2. To display tropical Vietnamese animals and provide a facility where researchers and the people can come to relax and learn more about the animals.

3. To design and construct facilities which add to the conservation and beauty of Hanoi Zoo.

4. To produce some domestic animals and ornamental plants for sale.

Of all these activities, the most important is the conservation and protection of wildlife and the provision of a beautiful place for the people to visit.

All of the above activities have been implemented based on the investment and care of the Hanoi People's Committee and the Transport and Urban Public Works Service. To enable us to implement all of our duties, we co-operate with a number of scientific institutes, both within Vietnam and abroad.

We have established links with the World Pheasant Association and have been a member of SEAZA (the South East Asian Zoo Association) since 1993.

Many of the animal species cared for at Hanoi Zoo are listed in the “Red Data Book for Vietnam”. The “Red Data Book” lists the animals in the country which are endangered and, without assistance and protection may become extinct in the future.

We would like your ideas to help us to improve Hanoi Zoo and assist us in the implementation of our main activities.

Hanoi Zoological Gardens

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