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02.10.2009 08:42

Hanoi Zoo has been able to establish many links with research and zoological institutions, both within Vietnam and around the world. Such links are vital for an exchange in conserving and protecting wildlife.

From the beginning Hanoi Zoo has built up relationships with more than 20 zoos in the world. It is also a member of the Organisation Conservation Animal International and in 1993 the Hanoi Zoo became member of the South East Asian Zoo Association (SEAZA) as well. The relationships with the zoo’s from all over the world is a mean to combine forces for conserving, breeding or exchanging programs of endangered species.

Hanoi Zoological Gardens works closely with a number of non-governmental organisations including the World Pheasant Association and were present at many international conferences about the conservation of endemic species of Vietnam in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Many relations are based on conserving endangered species and do not let them become extinct. Since we are involved with multiple breeding programs for endangered, endemic species of pheasants we have a good relation with the World Pheasant Association. Mr. Le Sy Thuc, director of the Hanoi Zoo, was elected a vice-director of the World Pheasant Association a few years ago. Together with Birdlife International and the IUCN Species Survival Commission the World Pheasant Association established the Pheasant Specialist Group to conserve the species of pheasants all over the world. The Hanoi Zoo plays a significant role in this matter.

The vision of the South East Asian Zoos Association is that its member zoos utilize their animal collections for the primary purposes of educating our public by imparting messages on the urgent need for environmental conservation in a manner that upholds the respect and dignity of the wild animal. Our membership is a huge development for the zoo but also a way to improve to international standards. SEAZA actively supports the ex-situ and in-situ conservation of populations of endangered species and their habitat, especially from the South East Asian region.

The Ministry of “agriculture and rural development” is fighting illegal trade of endangered animals which results in the confiscation of animals. The Hanoi Zoo is really important in this part since the Zoo is able to take care of the confiscated animals on a proper way. Within the last few years the Hanoi Zoo received nine confiscated black bears, a confiscated tiger “Lam Nhi” and several monkey species. At the moment they found Lam Nhi she was really in a worse state but now she have had cubs one year ago and she is doing very well. The WWF Indochina in Hanoi  also plays a role in this part; they recommend the zoo to the Ministry of agriculture and rural development as the best place to bring the confiscated animals. Hanoi Zoo and WWF co-operated often on educational programs for conservation.

The same scenario occurs for the National Parks. In many occasions the confiscated animals will be brought to the zoo. Most of the time reintroducing the animals back to the wild can be lethal due to an overdoses of stress. We are there to give the animal a home.

There are a lot of organisations where the Hanoi Zoo is involved in. Every organisation which has to do with the conservation of wildlife is aiming on the same goal. Hopefully the we can still be one of the zoo’s who’s contributing to the efforts of these organisations.

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