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Improvement and Development
02.10.2009 08:38

Originally known as Bachthao Gardens, Hanoi Zoological Gardens changed its name and moved to the location of Thule Park on the 6th August 1976. The current site covers an area of 21 hectares, 6 of which are taken up by the lake.



1. The preservation and conservation of animal species.

2. The design and construction of facilities which add to the conservation and beauty of Hanoi Zoo.

3. Providing a facility where researchers can discover more about the lives of the animals.

4. Providing an atmosphere the people of Hanoi can visit to relax and learn about animals.

5. Producing some domestic animals and plants (bonsai) for sale.

Hanoi Zoo began at Thule Park with 300 specimens of just 35 species. Today the Zoo is home to around 800 animals of 90 different species.

Many of the species of animal cared for at Hanoi Zoo are listed in the Red Data Book for Vietnam. The "Red Data Book" lists the animals in the country which are endangered and, without assistance and protection may become extinct in the future. These species include the Indochinese Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Golden Cat, Owston's Palm Civet, Vietnam Pheasant, Crested Argus and the Asian Elephant.

Hanoi Zoo also cares for a number of animals which have been imported from overseas, such as the ostrich, Siberian tiger, rhea and the once native Edward's Pheasant.

Great changes have occurred at the Thule Park site since we moved here in 1976.

Today you will find:

- 11,870 m2 of cage space
- 60,000 m2 of lawn
- 17.000 m2 of flower beds
- 19,000 m2 of pathways
- 8,573 trees.

Science and Technology:

In the beginning, Hanoi Zoo had only 7 technicians, today we have over 20. In addition to  these we have 15 trainee technicians and 2 highter university cadres.

Hanoi Zoo works hard to find out more the animals that we care for and have conducted around 20 research projects over the years Many of these, in particular those involving the pheasants have attracted much attention throughout the conservation community.

Hanoi Zoo has been able to establish many links with research and zoological institutions, both within Vietnam and around the world. Such links are vital for an exchange in conserving and protecting wildlife.

Hanoi Zoological Gardens is a member of SEAZA (the South East Asian Zoo Association).

Hanoi Zoo works closely with a number of non-governmental organizations including the World Pheasant Association.

Hanoi Zoological Gardens

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